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Western Alliance Bancorporation, based in Phoenix, Arizona, reported their first-quarter earnings through their quarterly conference call on April 19, 2024, at 12:00 PM ET. The call featured key company executives including the Director of Investor Relations & Corporate Development, the President & CEO, the CFO, and the Chief Banking Officer, who provided insights into the financial results and future outlook of the bank. Participants from various financial institutions joined the call to gain insights into the bank’s performance and strategic initiatives.

During the call, the executives highlighted the impressive deposit growth of $6.9 billion in the first quarter, which exceeded expectations and accelerated their repositioning plan. The company achieved its CET1 capital target of 11%, reduced the HFI loan-to-deposit ratio, and increased their insured deposit ratio. These strategic moves are aimed at fortifying the bank’s balance sheet, enhancing liquidity, and positioning it for sustainable growth and long-term success in a volatile market environment.

The executives also discussed the strong financial results, including exceptional deposit growth, improved loan-to-deposit ratio