Showtime Shocker: Three Women, Let the Right One In, and American Gigolo Canceled Amid Consolidation With Paramount+

Showtime has announced that they will not be proceeding with the production of their upcoming movie ‘Three Women’ and have cancelled the production of ‘Let The Right One In’ and ‘American Gigolo’. The move comes amidst a consolidation with Paramount+ and a planned rebrand of the linear and streaming service.

The rebrand will see Showtime renamed ‘Paramount+ With Showtime’ on linear and streaming platforms. The move is part of a larger change to the programming and streaming services, which includes the cancellation of ‘Three Women’, ‘Let The Right One In’, and ‘American Gigolo’. It is unclear if this will result in any potential layoffs in the future.

The news of the cancellations has been met with dismay from fans of the three films, as they were eagerly awaiting their release. However, the move is part of a larger plan to consolidate the streaming services and make them more accessible to viewers.

It is unclear what the future holds for Showtime and Paramount+, but it is clear that the rebranding of the service will have an effect on the programming that is offered. For now, fans of the three films will have to wait for the next project from Showtime.