Son’s Emotional Testimony as Alex Murdaugh’s Double-Murder Trial Begins

Alex Murdaugh, a former NFL player, is on trial for the double-murder of his wife and son. In a heartbreaking testimony, Murdaugh’s surviving son, Buster, told the court that his father had been “destroyed” by the murders.

Buster, who is expected to testify as a defense witness in his father’s trial, took the stand on Wednesday to describe the emotional impact of the tragedy on the family. He said that the murders had “destroyed” his father, leaving him with a broken heart.

Buster testified with tears in his eyes, and at one point he locked eyes with his father. He said that he still loves his father despite the tragedy, and that he hopes his father will be found not guilty.

The trial is ongoing, and the defense is expected to call more witnesses in the coming days. The prosecution has presented evidence that they believe links Alex Murdaugh to the murders.

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