SpaceX launches more second-gen Starlink satellites on Falcon 9 rocket

SpaceX Successfully Launches More Starlink Satellites

SpaceX has successfully launched another batch of Starlink satellites into orbit on a Falcon 9 rocket. The mission, which was the second of two Falcon 9 launches on Sunday and the ninth Starlink mission overall, launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Despite iffy weather conditions, SpaceX was able to launch the batch of 60 Starlink “V2 mini” satellites into orbit. The satellites will join SpaceX’s growing network, which aims to provide internet coverage to even the most remote areas of the planet.

The Falcon 9 rocket also attempted to land on SpaceX’s drone ship, Of Course I Still Love You, which was stationed in the Atlantic Ocean. The rocket successfully landed, marking the 80th time SpaceX has recovered one of its Falcon 9 boosters.

SpaceX has scheduled another back-to-back launch for later this week, with the company aiming to launch another batch of Starlink satellites on Thursday. If successful, it will be SpaceX’s 10th Starlink mission.

The launch was streamed live by SpaceX through its website and social media channels, giving viewers a close look at the rocket’s liftoff, separation of the first and second stages, and deployment of the satellites.