Spoiled Food on Delta Flight Causes Mass Illness: Terrifying Details Unveiled

Detroit, MI – A Delta Air Lines flight from Detroit to Amsterdam faced an unexpected detour to New York’s JFK Airport due to multiple passengers falling ill after consuming spoiled food. The incident occurred on Delta Flight 136, prompting medical crews to attend to affected passengers upon landing in New York around 4 a.m.

According to sources, the Main Cabin in-flight meal service was compromised, leading to reports of passengers becoming sick after the consumption of spoiled food. Although the exact number of passengers impacted by the incident has not been disclosed by Delta officials, reports suggest that approximately 70 passengers experienced sickness after ingesting the meal. Furthermore, concerns were raised regarding the presence of black mold on certain food items provided during the flight.

Delta’s Corporate Communications Spokesperson, Lisa Hanna, issued a statement expressing regret for the inconvenience caused to customers and ensuring a thorough investigation into the matter. Despite the unexpected turn of events, all affected passengers declined further medical treatment, and the CDC was alerted due to the international nature of the flight.

Following the incident, the flight, originally bound for Amsterdam, is now rescheduled to depart from JFK Airport later in the evening. This event follows a recent incident where a Delta flight from Munich to Detroit was diverted to London due to illness among flight attendants, although no passengers were affected in that instance.

The airline has since initiated an investigation into the situation, working alongside suppliers to address food safety concerns. As passengers prepare for the resumption of their journey, Delta aims to uphold its reputation for quality service and passenger safety.