“State of Texas takes control of Houston schools: TEA takeover stirs controversy and concern”

Houston, Texas – The announcement that Texas would be taking control of Houston Independent School District (HISD) has caused a stir in the local community. The decision was confirmed by TEA Commissioner Mike Morath, who cited concerns over the district’s poor academic performance in recent years.

According to Yahoo News, the announcement has been met with anger from some local residents who oppose the takeover. A recent editorial in the Houston Chronicle states that “HISD can’t afford another failure” and highlights three key areas that the TEA needs to prioritize in order to ensure the takeover is successful.

Meanwhile, the Houston Chronicle also published an opinion piece stating that HISD students need great principals, not a takeover. The piece argues that the most successful schools are those that prioritize empowering principals to make decisions and implement change.

Despite the resistance, the TEA is moving forward with the takeover. CNN reports that Texas now has full control over HISD, and the state plans to make significant changes in order to improve academic outcomes for students. This will include hiring new leadership and restructuring the district’s management.

It remains to be seen how the takeover will affect students and the local community, but with the TEA in control, significant changes are expected.