Steve Wilks ‘Not Defeated’ After Panthers Hire Frank Reich: Lawyers Claim NFL Has ‘Legitimate Race Problem’

The Carolina Panthers have made a big move in their coaching staff, hiring former Indianapolis Colts coach Frank Reich as the new head coach. The move comes after the Panthers had previously fired former head coach Steve Wilks.

Wilks was “disappointed” by the decision to hire Reich, according to ESPN. He had been the Panthers’ defensive coordinator in 2017 and 2018 and was hoping to take over the head coaching role.

Sports Illustrated questioned whether Reich would be able to succeed with a “fresh start” with the Panthers. He had led the Colts to the playoffs in 2018, but his team was eliminated in the divisional round.

HBCU Gameday reported that Wilks had been “snubbed” by the Panthers, who had chosen to go in a different direction with their head coaching position.

Fox News reported that lawyers for Wilks had claimed that the NFL has a “legitimate race problem” in regards to the hiring of coaches. Wilks, an African-American, had not been given a chance to lead the Panthers despite his previous success with the team.

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