‘Succession’ Finale Leaves Fans Speechless with Shocking Ending and Controversial Hand-Holding Scene

Succession Season 3 Finale Rocks Viewers with Shocking Twist

Fans of the hit HBO series Succession were left stunned after the Season 3 finale aired on Sunday night.

In a scene that has sent shockwaves through social media, two of the show’s main characters, Shiv and Tom, were seen holding hands as the credits rolled. The moment has left many fans speculating about the future direction of the show and the relationship between the two characters.

Despite the surprise ending, some critics are questioning whether the show is truly worthy of its critical acclaim. In an editorial for The Wrap, one writer suggests that the show has tricked viewers into thinking it is better than it really is.

But despite these criticisms, Succession continues to be a massive hit with viewers. The show’s unapologetic use of foul language was on full display in the finale, with CNN reporting that there were over two dozen curse words uttered in just one episode.

And as the series comes to a close, it seems that fans are eager to find their next binge-watch. Rotten Tomatoes has released a list of 10 shows to watch after finishing Succession, with recommendations ranging from Breaking Bad to The Wire.

But for many fans, nothing will quite compare to the rollercoaster ride that has been Succession’s three-season run. As The Guardian notes, the show’s finale ranks among TV’s greatest endings, leaving viewers with a sense of both closure and anticipation for what comes next.