Summer Reading List: J.P. Morgan’s 25th Anniversary Edition Features Top Books for Wealthy Clients

New York, NY – J.P. Morgan celebrates a significant milestone this year as they mark the 25th anniversary of their Summer Reading List. Renamed as the J.P. Morgan Summer Reading List, this curated selection of 10 books is tailored to the interests and preferences of the financial institution’s affluent clientele. The 2021 list encompasses a diverse array of topics, including effective communication, artificial intelligence, Formula One, whiskey, hidden vacation spots, and the art collection of Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz.

Each year, J.P. Morgan compiles this list by gathering input from over 35,000 client advisors and employees worldwide to identify the most relevant and engaging subjects. With over 700 book recommendations submitted this year, a dedicated committee meticulously refines the final selection to ensure timeliness and broad appeal among their discerning audience.

Darin Oduyoye, the chief communications officer of J.P. Morgan Asset and Wealth Management, spearheads the creation of the list, catering to a diverse range of clients spanning business owners, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and art collectors. The personalized touch extends to clients receiving an elegantly branded J.P. Morgan box containing a recommended book selected by their advisor, along with a handwritten note and commemorative bookmark.

Beyond just providing summer reading material, the list serves as a valuable tool for advisors to engage with clients during the leisurely months and facilitate client events. Authors featured on the list often participate in exclusive dinners and speaking engagements for J.P. Morgan clientele, fostering a deeper connection between clients and the financial institution.

Authors included in the 25th anniversary edition have expressed admiration for the platform, as J.P. Morgan purchases thousands of copies of the selected books to distribute, leading to widespread exposure and recommendations from clients. The list has become a highly anticipated annual tradition for both clients, colleagues, and communities, highlighting its enduring relevance and impact.

One standout feature of this year’s list is the “Anniversary Spotlight,” shining a light on, the charity founded by Gary White and Matt Damon. Their book, “The Worth of Water,” takes readers on a journey to address the global water crisis, emphasizing the importance of collective action in finding sustainable solutions to this pressing challenge.