Supreme Court Fails to Uncover Who Leaked Controversial Opinion Overturning Roe

In a surprising turn of events, the Supreme Court has failed to identify who leaked a draft of the controversial opinion that would have overturned Roe v. Wade. The opinion was leaked before the official ruling was issued, leading many to question how the information was obtained.

The Supreme Court launched an investigation into the leak and has been unable to identify the source. The opinion was leaked to the media, who reported on the contents of the draft opinion before the official ruling was issued.

The Supreme Court has declined to comment on the investigation, but has stated that the leak did not affect the outcome of the ruling. The opinion was ultimately not overturned, and the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling stands.

The Supreme Court’s failure to identify the leaker has raised questions about the security of the court and its ability to protect confidential information. The court is now facing pressure to take steps to ensure that such leaks do not occur in the future.

The investigation’s failure to identify the leaker has been widely reported by news outlets such as The New York Times, Fox News, and CBS Evening News. For more information on the investigation, view full coverage on USNN.