Supreme Court to Hear Trademark Dispute over ‘Trump Too Small’ Slogan

The Supreme Court will hear the case of a man who wants to trademark “Trump too small” for T-shirts. The slogan has sparked a legal dispute after the man behind it, Bob Bland, filed a trademark application for the phrase in 2018. Bland claims the slogan is a reference to President Trump’s perceived lack of sufficient support. The United States Patent and Trademark Office initially rejected Bland’s application, citing concerns that the slogan contained “disparaging and offensive” language.

Bland has challenged the ruling, arguing that his use of the phrase is protected by the First Amendment. The case has now been taken up by the Supreme Court, where it will be decided once and for all. Bland says he hopes the case will set a precedent for freedom of expression in the United States.

The case has attracted attention from media outlets across the country, with CNN, NBC News, and The Washington Post among those reporting on the story. Many have questioned whether Bland’s trademark application is motivated by a genuine desire to express his political views, or whether he is simply trying to profit from the controversy surrounding President Trump. Either way, it seems likely that the Supreme Court’s ruling in the case will have a significant impact on the future of free speech and intellectual property in the United States.