Tara Reade Leaves US and Seeks Russian Citizenship Amid Biden Assault Accusations

Former Senate aide, Tara Reade, who accused President-elect Joe Biden of sexual assault, has made headlines yet again by requesting Russian citizenship. In a recent interview with Russian state media, Reade claimed that she had faced numerous safety concerns since coming forward with her allegations against Biden. She ultimately chose to defect to Russia, where she feels “safe”.

This move comes after rumors spread that Reade was planning to flee the United States due to fears for her personal safety. Reade claims that the U.S. media and political establishment have made it impossible for her to live a normal life following her accusations against Biden.

While some believe that Reade’s move to Russia is a publicity stunt or politically motivated, others see it as a desperate attempt to escape the backlash she has faced since coming forward with her allegations. Reade’s attorney, Douglas Wigdor, has confirmed that his client has made the move to Russia but did not comment further on the matter.

Biden himself has not commented on Reade’s decision, but his team has previously denied the allegations against him. In a statement back in May, Biden said, “This never happened. It is not true. I’m saying unequivocally: it never, never happened”.

Reade’s request for Russian citizenship has sparked controversy and debate on social media, with some viewing it as a betrayal of her country and others expressing concern for her well-being. It remains to be seen how Reade’s decision will impact her future and the ongoing debate surrounding her allegations against Biden.