Taylor Swift surprises fans by bringing Maren Morris on stage to sing duet You All Over Me

Taylor Swift gave her Chicago fans something extra to remember during her concert on Saturday night. While performing one of her hits, the Grammy-winning singer accidentally swallowed a bug. “It was delicious,” Swift joked to the crowd before continuing with her performance.

The bug incident wasn’t the only memorable moment of the night for Swift’s fans. During her “Eras Tour” show, Swift attempted to bring a child onstage. Although the child got cold feet and didn’t end up joining the singer, it was still a heartwarming moment for the audience.

But it wasn’t just the fans who were surprised during Swift’s concert. The singer also surprised her fans by bringing out Maren Morris on stage for a duet. The two sang “You All Over Me” and the audience cheered them on.

Swift continued the surprises by bringing out a special guest during her performance of their collaboration “Only the Young.” The live performance marked the first time the duo had performed the song together.

Unfortunately, not all surprises were well-received. Swift later admitted to regretting her decision to bring a young fan onstage during her “Eras Tour.” It’s unclear why Swift regrets the decision, but it could be due to the child’s nervousness or stage fright.

Overall, Swift’s concert was filled with surprises, both good and bad. Fans who missed the show can catch up on all the highlights through various media outlets, including Billboard, Insider, Daily Mail, NBC Chicago, and PINKVILLA.