“Tennessee Lawmaker Justin Jones Reinstated, Vows to Push for Gun Reform and Faces Conservative Backlash”

Nashville, Tennessee – Justin Jones, the reinstated Tennessee lawmaker who was ousted by GOP lawmakers earlier this month, says he will continue to call for gun reform. Jones was expelled from the House along with two other lawmakers for disrupting proceedings and refusing to wear a mask.

However, on Monday, he was allowed back into the chamber after Democrats made a motion to revoke the expulsion. The motion passed with a vote of 50-48.

Jones, who represents Nashville, has been a vocal advocate for gun reform since his election in 2020. He says he was ousted because of his stance on the issue.

“I’m going to continue to be a voice for gun reform, and I’m going to continue to speak out against the gun lobby and their influence on our elected officials,” Jones said in a statement.

The move to expel Jones and the other lawmakers drew criticism from some readers of The Tennessean, who wrote letters in support of the lawmakers. However, an editorial in the Houston Chronicle suggests that the expulsion may have set a precedent for other states, including Texas.

The controversy over Jones’ ouster has received national attention, with both CNN and MSNBC covering the story. View full coverage on USNN.