Texas Governor Sends Additional Troopers to Austin After Controversial Traffic Stop

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has announced the deployment of 30 additional state troopers to the city of Austin, following the suspension of its partnership with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). The move came after a controversial traffic stop in which it was reported that a state trooper had pointed a gun at a 10-year-old boy. The city’s mayor, Kirk Watson, supported the decision to suspend the partnership, citing “recent events” as the reason. Mayor Watson had initially established the partnership to address the city’s rising crime rates and lack of police resources.

Governor Abbott, a Republican, stated that the deployment of additional troopers was intended to ensure the protection and service of the city of Austin. With the recent deployment, the number of state troopers in Austin now stands at 130. The governor’s decision comes just one day after the partnership between the city and DPS was suspended. The purpose of the partnership was to assist the understaffed Austin Police Department in combating crime.

The controversy surrounding the traffic stop, which ignited calls for the suspension, prompted the Texas DPS to release full body camera footage. The video evidence contradicted the original report, showing that the trooper did not have his gun pointed at the 10-year-old boy. This development has raised questions about the necessity of the partnership’s suspension.

Austin City Council member Mackenzie Kelly has urged transparency and accountability regarding the suspension, emphasizing the need for decisions that align with the community’s best interests and safety. The partnership between Texas DPS and the Austin Police Department began in March after the city experienced a surge in crime due to police budget cuts. It was temporarily paused in May when troopers were assigned to border issues but was then resumed earlier this month.

Despite the official declaration of the partnership’s end by Mayor Watson, Texas DPS has stated that patrols will continue in Austin as part of their commitment to protect and serve Texans. Austin Police Chief Joseph Chacon expressed disappointment over the suspension, crediting the partnership with a reduction in crime and improved response to calls.

In conclusion, Governor Abbott’s deployment of additional state troopers to Austin comes in response to the suspended partnership between the city and Texas DPS. The controversy surrounding the reported gun pointed at a 10-year-old during a traffic stop prompted the city’s decision. While there may be differing opinions on the necessity of the suspension, the reassignment of troopers aims to ensure the continued safety and service of the city. Transparency and accountability have also been called for by local officials in light of recent events.