“Tragedy at 30,000 feet: Business jet hit by severe turbulence leaves 1 dead”

A business jet encountered severe turbulence on Monday afternoon, resulting in the death of one passenger. The incident occurred while the aircraft was en route to Kansas City from Chicago.

The jet, operated by a private charter business, was carrying four passengers and two pilots. According to witnesses, the turbulence was sudden and intense, causing the aircraft to bounce around uncontrollably.

One passenger, identified as 45-year-old Karen Brown, was not wearing her seatbelt when the turbulence struck. She was thrown from her seat and struck her head on a nearby object. Despite efforts from the pilots and other passengers to administer first aid, Brown died from her injuries.

The remaining passengers and crew members were shaken but uninjured. Emergency responders were waiting for the aircraft when it landed in Kansas City. The incident is being investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board.

The charter business, which has not been named, released a statement expressing their condolences to Brown’s family and pledging to cooperate fully with the investigation. It is unclear at this time whether the incident will result in any regulatory changes for the private aviation industry.