Trailer Living in Laguna Beach: How We Scored a Beachside Home for $150K When Everyone Else Pays $3M!

Laguna Beach, California – Known for its picturesque beaches and vibrant art scene, Laguna Beach has become the unexpected home for Jaclyn and Brian. The couple made a daring decision to leave behind the hustle and bustle of the Bay Area in 2021, opting for a temporary escape to Brian’s hometown. With the flexibility of remote work, Jaclyn pursues her passion for writing while Brian excels in tech sales, creating the perfect opportunity for a change of scenery.

Their housing journey in Laguna Beach led them to a charming mobile home community nestled in a scenic canyon, offering an affordable alternative in a notoriously expensive area. The couple purchased a trailer for $212,500, utilizing a creative hybrid of owning the structure while renting the land. This unconventional approach allowed them to sidestep the exorbitant costs associated with traditional housing options in the area.

Living in a vintage 1960s trailer, Jaclyn and Brian embarked on a renovation journey to personalize their space. From updating the kitchen with modern amenities to adding tropical wallpaper in the primary bedroom, they truly made the space their own. Despite the challenges of limited storage and unexpected home repairs, the couple found joy in customizing their abode to fit their lifestyle.

Their outdoor oasis, complete with a hot tub, Ping-Pong table, and projector screen, became a haven for relaxation and entertainment. From hosting outdoor pizza parties to enjoying morning coffee on the deck, Jaclyn and Brian embraced the beachside lifestyle with open arms. With a golf cart as their preferred mode of transportation and regular beach visits, the couple fully immersed themselves in the laid-back coastal atmosphere.

While homeownership brought its share of challenges, including ant infestations and gopher problems, Jaclyn and Brian remained resilient. The allure of low monthly housing costs offset the occasional setbacks, allowing them to fully embrace the unique experience of living in a mobile home community. As they settle into their unconventional home, the couple’s love for their beachside abode grows, solidifying their decision to plant roots in Laguna Beach for the long haul.