“Train Derailment in Clark County Prompts Shelter in Place Order and Hazmat Response”

Train derailment near Springfield causes chaos and forces residents to take shelter on Wednesday afternoon. Authorities in Clark County ordered residents to shelter in place after a Norfolk Southern train derailed near the Clark County Fairgrounds. Emergency crews, including hazardous materials experts, responded to the scene, where there were reports of multiple derailed cars.

Officials confirmed that there were no hazardous materials leaking from the cars, but the situation was still considered dangerous as some of the train cars were carrying chemicals. The derailment caused traffic backups on nearby roads, and drivers were advised to avoid the area.

Residents were told to stay indoors, turn off air conditioning and ventilation systems, and keep doors and windows closed while officials worked to clean up the area. The Clark County Fairgrounds and surrounding businesses were evacuated.

No injuries were reported, and it’s unclear what caused the derailment. Investigators are on the scene, and an investigation is ongoing.