Trial Update: Forensic Scientist Testifies No Canine DNA Found During John O’Keefe Murder Investigation

Boston, Massachusetts – As the trial of Karen Read continues, witnesses take the stand to provide crucial testimony regarding the events of January 29, 2022. On this particular day of the trial, witnesses Allison McCabe, Richard D’Antuono, Heather Maxon, Ryan Nagel, Teri Kun, and Julianna Nagel shared their accounts of the night in question.

Allison McCabe testified that she received a text from Colin Albert, asking for a ride home from a mutual cousin’s birthday celebration. McCabe and Albert were friends from school and part of the same friend group. They were also not directly related but shared close family ties.

Richard “Ricky” D’Antuono testified that he saw another vehicle parked outside the Albert home when he dropped off Ryan Nagel and Heather Maxon. He noted that he did not observe anyone exiting the vehicle and could not provide details about the car’s occupants.

Heather Maxon, who accompanied Ryan Nagel to the Albert home, also testified about seeing an SUV outside the residence. She recalled a male and female inside the car, with the female driving and the male in the passenger seat. Maxon did not see anyone exit the vehicle.

Ryan Nagel, Julianna Nagel’s brother, testified that he saw a black SUV parked outside the Albert home. He noted the SUV’s brake lights were on but did not observe any damage to the vehicle or see anyone exit it.

Forensic scientist Teri Kun testified that no canine DNA was found on swabs taken from a shirt in the John O’Keefe murder investigation. This finding is crucial in the case, as it relates to the theory that O’Keefe’s injuries may have been caused by a dog attack.

Overall, the witnesses’ testimonies shed light on the events leading up to the tragic incident, providing valuable insights for the ongoing trial. The details shared in court offer a glimpse into the events of that fateful night, as the prosecution and defense work to present their cases and uncover the truth behind the events of January 29, 2022.