Trump Attorneys Meet with Justice Department as Special Counsel Probe Intensifies

In a highly anticipated meeting, attorneys for former President Donald Trump met with the special counsel at the Justice Department on Monday to discuss documents related to an ongoing investigation. The meeting, which lasted several hours, comes amid reports that a federal grand jury is expected to meet this week.

Trump’s legal team also submitted a letter to the Justice Department, requesting that they not charge Trump in a separate case involving classified documents. The Washington Post reported that the documents in question relate to the alleged leaking of classified information to the media during the Trump administration.

Following the meeting, Trump’s lawyers spoke with reporters, expressing their frustration with what they perceive as an unfair investigation into their client. They also criticized the use of a grand jury, calling it a “fishing expedition” and a waste of taxpayers’ money.

Despite the request from Trump’s legal team, Justice Department officials have not yet indicated whether they will pursue charges against Trump in the classified documents case. The investigation into potential wrongdoing by the former president continues, with both sides likely to continue to clash over the coming weeks and months.