Trump notified of ongoing criminal investigation, potential indictment by DOJ

Washington D.C. – President Donald Trump has been notified that he is the target of an ongoing criminal investigation, according to sources reported by Politico. Despite the news, the President has stated that he has not been informed of any indictment.

However, The Daily Beast reported an event which could spell a different outcome. Despite Trump’s claims to the contrary, a close ally has reportedly told the President about a potential indictment. Trump shrugged off the report, saying “nobody’s told me about any indictment.”

ABC News reported that Trump has also been informed that he is now the target of a special counsel investigation into the handling of classified documents. The sources cited by ABC News did not provide any further details about the investigation.

Meanwhile, The Washington Post suggests that if Trump is indicted, there are several things to look for. With the possibility of an indictment looming, the DOJ may take the lead on the case, especially since many of the potential charges against Trump involve federal laws.

Finally, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette provides the most intriguing report, stating that gene therapy may hold the key to indicting Trump. However, the article notes that this is only speculation at this point.

As the investigation continues, it remains to be seen if these reports will lead to an indictment for the President. The full coverage of the ongoing developments can be found on USNN.