Trump’s $175 Million Bailout Solved by California Billionaire – Find Out How!

Los Angeles, California – As former President Donald Trump faced mounting financial difficulties last month, California billionaire Don Hankey and his wife, Debbi, stepped in to help. Hankey, a Trump supporter known for his business providing high-interest auto loans, offered to cover the bond required to keep authorities from seizing Trump’s properties.

Initially, it seemed that Trump would be able to post the bond himself after a court reduced the amount. However, Trump’s team later reinitiated talks with Hankey, seeking his assistance in covering the new amount. Hankey agreed, allowing Trump to hold onto his money while appealing a significant civil fraud judgment in New York.

By providing the bond, Hankey played a crucial role in Trump’s ability to navigate a cash crunch that once threatened his financial stability. The deal not only showcased Hankey’s business acumen but also thrust him into the spotlight of the presidential campaign.

While some may view Hankey’s support for Trump as politically motivated, he maintains that his actions were driven by business considerations rather than political allegiances. Hankey emphasized that the bond deal was a sound business decision, devoid of any political undertones.

Moreover, Hankey’s involvement in Trump’s financial affairs extends beyond the recent bond deal. As the largest individual shareholder of Axos Bank, Hankey was connected to crucial loans provided to Trump’s businesses in the aftermath of the Capitol attack in 2021.

Despite the financial assistance provided to Trump, Hankey remains firm in his stance of steering clear of political entanglements. He emphasized that his primary focus is on conducting business and avoiding taking sides in political matters.

As Trump continues to navigate legal challenges, including facing substantial judgments in civil cases, Hankey’s role in providing financial support underscores the complexities of politics and business intertwining. Now, with the bond posted, Trump has bought himself more time to make his case in court, potentially changing the course of his legal battles.