Trump’s Fundraising Woes: How the 2024 Campaign is Struggling to Get Off the Ground

President Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign committee has burned through a significant amount of cash in its first few months, according to new Federal Election Commission filings.

The filings show that the Trump Make America Great Again Committee has raised $8,005,627 and spent $7,637,376 since its formation in late December. The committee has also received more than $400,000 in contributions from individuals and political action committees.

The committee has spent heavily on travel expenses, legal fees, and digital advertising. It has also paid out more than $1.2 million to Trump’s own businesses.

Trump’s fundraising operation has been struggling since he announced his 2024 presidential bid in January. He has been unable to attract the same level of support as his 2020 campaign, and his fundraising total is significantly lower than his opponents.

Trump has responded by revamping his fundraising operation and launching a series of online events. Despite these efforts, the campaign has yet to see a major surge in donations.

The president’s fundraising struggles have been compounded by a series of missteps from the campaign. Last month, the campaign was forced to refund more than $122,000 in donations after it was revealed that the money had been mistakenly charged to donors multiple times.

As Trump’s 2024 campaign continues, it remains to be seen if he can build a successful fundraising operation. For now, it appears that the president’s fundraising efforts have gotten off to a modest start.