Ty Pennington Recovers from Life-Threatening Throat Abscess After Attending Barbie Premiere

Ty Pennington, the well-known host of HGTV’s “Rock the Block” and “Battle on the Beach,” recently revealed on Instagram that he is recovering from a throat abscess that landed him in the hospital’s intensive care unit. Pennington shared the news with his followers, stating that his airway was blocked, leading to the need for intubation. This health scare occurred just two days after Pennington attended the premiere of the movie “Barbie” in Los Angeles. In addition to his current shows, Pennington has also hosted “Trading Spaces” and “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.”

In his Instagram post, Pennington explained how the events unfolded. He stated that after attending the movie premiere on Sunday, he traveled to Colorado to start filming in Breckinridge. However, on Tuesday morning, he woke up at 4 a.m. struggling to breathe. It turns out that the sore throat he had been experiencing for the past month was actually an abscess, which had grown so large that it was closing off his airway. Pennington was then intubated and flown to the ICU in Denver, where he underwent surgery. Thankfully, he was released from the ICU the following day. He expressed his gratitude to the healthcare staff at St. Anthony’s in Lakewood, CO, and Summit Health in Frisco.

The original article also mentioned Pennington’s participation in the upcoming HGTV special, “Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge.” In this four-part series, eight teams of HGTV stars will compete to transform a Southern California home into a real-life version of Barbie’s pink palace. The series is set to premiere on July 16 at 8 p.m.

The health scare experienced by Ty Pennington serves as a reminder to listen to our bodies and take action when something feels off. Despite the sedation, Pennington remained in good spirits, even sharing a photo of himself in the hospital that showcased his sense of humor. Fans and followers of Pennington were relieved to hear of his recovery and sent their well wishes and support.

As an experienced host and television personality, Pennington’s absence from the filming and production of his shows is significant. However, his health and well-being should always take priority. It is hoped that Pennington will make a full recovery and be able to continue his work in the industry. In the meantime, fans can eagerly anticipate the premiere of the “Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge” and look forward to seeing Pennington’s creative talent in action once again.