U.S. Forces Successfully Take Down Islamic State Leader Bilal al-Sudani in Somalia

U.S. forces have killed the leader of the Islamic State’s Somalia branch, Bilal al-Sudani, in a complex cave system. According to a report by Fox News, SEAL Team Six was involved in a counterterrorism mission in Somalia that resulted in the death of al-Sudani and 10 other ISIS operatives.

NBC News reported that U.S. officials confirmed the death of the ISIS leader, as well as 10 other ISIS fighters, in the raid.

The news of al-Sudani’s death was welcomed in Somalia, with Voice of America – VOA News reporting that the country celebrated the killing of the ISIS leader. Al Jazeera English reported that the death was the result of a U.S. military operation.

The death of al-Sudani is a major blow to the Islamic State’s operations in Somalia, and marks a significant victory for U.S. forces in the fight against terrorism.