U.S. Warns Russia of Violations to Last Remaining Nuclear Arms Treaty

The United States has accused Russia of failing to comply with the START nuclear arms treaty, a landmark agreement between the two countries that was signed in 1991. The US State Department has warned Congress that Russia is violating key nuclear arms control agreements and has blocked inspections of its nuclear weapons.

The US has accused Russia of blocking inspections of its nuclear arsenal, which is a violation of the START treaty. The treaty requires both countries to conduct regular inspections of each other’s nuclear facilities in order to ensure compliance.

In addition, the US has accused Russia of violating the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, a 1987 agreement that banned the use of certain types of nuclear weapons. The US has said that Russia has deployed missiles that are banned under the treaty, and has refused to allow inspections of these missiles.

The US has also accused Russia of violating the New START treaty, a 2010 agreement that limits the number of nuclear warheads and delivery systems each country can possess. The US has said that Russia has not been transparent about its nuclear weapons stockpiles, and has failed to provide the US with the necessary data to verify its compliance with the treaty.

The US has called on Russia to comply with its obligations under the START and other nuclear arms treaties, and to allow inspections of its nuclear facilities. The US has also warned that it will take action if Russia continues to violate these agreements.