“Ukraine Claims Over 1,000 Russian Soldiers Dead in Bakhmut Battle as Losses Mount for Russia”

The battle for Bakhmut in Ukraine has intensified in the last week with heavy losses reported on both sides. Ukraine claims that over 1,000 Russian soldiers have died in the conflict, while Russia admitted to losing 1,090 soldiers in its deadliest day of war. The first lady of Ukraine is pleading for more weapons to support the country’s military efforts.

According to a live briefing by the president of Ukraine, Zelensky, Russian troops are suffering heavy losses in Bakhmut. The internal Russian rift over the war in Ukraine is also widening and contributing to the conflict.

The situation in Bakhmut remains grim as casualties continue to mount. Both sides appear willing to fight to the bitter end, and there is no clear resolution in sight.

The international community is closely monitoring the situation and has condemned the violence, urging both sides to seek a diplomatic solution. The United States, United Kingdom and other western nations have expressed solidarity with Ukraine in its efforts to defend its sovereignty against Russian aggression.

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