Unruly Youth Mob Forces Closure of Carnival Amid Safety Fears

EXTON, PA – Authorities in Exton, Pennsylvania, shut down a local carnival this week after a disruptive group of youths created chaos throughout the mall where the event was taking place, jeopardizing the safety of families present and reportedly assaulting at least one individual in a captured video.

Footage from a surveillance camera, provided by an unnamed business within the mall complex, shows a group of young individuals attacking a person, punching and kicking him as he falls to the ground. The victim, who appeared to arrive alone, was swiftly surrounded and assaulted by the group.

In the video, some of the juveniles are seen attempting to pull one of the assailants off the victim, who eventually stands up and walks away after the attackers disperse just moments before an adult steps into view.

The West Whiteland Township Police Department is asking for public assistance in identifying the victim, witnesses, and suspects involved in the incident. Authorities initially closed the carnival, hosted at Exton Square Mall, on Saturday following the violent occurrence. By Sunday afternoon, the permit for the carnival had been revoked due to ongoing safety concerns.

Residents with any information regarding the assault are encouraged to submit tips through the department’s CrimeWatch website.

Exton, located approximately 30 miles west of Philadelphia, is home to the Exton Square Mall, a prominent commercial hub in the area.

The police have advised residents seeking refunds to reach out to the carnival organizer, Goodtime Amusements. The company has yet to issue a response regarding the situation.

Goodtime Amusements expressed their decision to cease operations at the Exton Square Mall indefinitely due to the disorderly conduct and unrest that unfolded. “We appreciate the families that came out to have fun,” the company stated on its Facebook page.