US Demands TikTok Sale to Avoid Nationwide Ban: National Security and Chinese App Concerns

US President Joe Biden’s administration has demanded that TikTok be sold, or face a nationwide ban over concerns of national security. The social media app has been under scrutiny by the US government due to its ownership by Chinese company ByteDance. If TikTok is not sold to a US-based company by the deadline given, it could face being banned in the country.

The US government has been pushing for TikTok to resolve its national security concerns, with the possibility of the app being used to gather data on American citizens. Earlier this week, the Biden administration issued an executive order that aims to protect US companies from cyber attacks and foreign espionage by attempting to limit the reliance on foreign technology.

However, some experts argue that a TikTok ban is not the solution to the problem. They claim that the ban would not address the root issue of cybersecurity risks posed by foreign-owned apps and that it could lead to a fractured internet.

The debate over the safety of TikTok has been ongoing for over a year, with former US President Donald Trump attempting to ban the app in the country last year. In response, TikTok filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration, claiming that the ban violated the company’s constitutional rights.

As the clock ticks towards the deadline given by the US government, the future of TikTok’s operations in the country remains uncertain.