US Farm Group Probes High Egg Prices: How it’s Affecting Bucks County Restaurant Owners

A US farm group is calling for an investigation into the rising prices of eggs, which have been hitting consumers and businesses hard. This comes as the Cypress family recently got their chickens back after egg prices surged.

The rising egg costs have been yet another blow for Bucks County restaurant owners, who are already struggling to keep their businesses afloat. The high egg prices have caused a strain on their budgets, as they are forced to pay more for ingredients.

So why are eggs so expensive right now? The main reason is the shortage of eggs due to the disruption in the supply chain caused by the coronavirus pandemic. This has caused a spike in demand and prices for eggs.

The US farm group is hoping that the investigation into egg prices will result in more affordable options for consumers. In the meantime, the Cypress family is just glad to have their chickens back.

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