US releases video of near collision with Chinese destroyer in Taiwan Strait

Washington D.C. – The United States Navy released video footage yesterday showing the almost-disastrous near-miss between a Chinese destroyer and a US guided-missile destroyer in the Taiwan Strait last week. The video, which was captured by the US ship’s bridge camera, shows the Chinese ship coming within 45 yards of the US warship before changing course.

This latest incident comes just months after a US Navy vessel came under attack from Chinese warships in the South China Sea. It also follows a failed attempt by US and Chinese officials to improve relations. “The Chinese government has refused to engage in meaningful negotiations, instead relying on military intimidation,” said a State Department spokesperson yesterday.

The incident has stoked fears across Asia that the South China Sea could be the next Ukraine, with China attempting to assert its dominance over the region by military force. India, Japan, and other regional powers have all expressed support for the US in the wake of the incident. However, China has accused the US of destabilizing the region, hours after the near-collision.

The tension between the two powers shows no sign of abating. Yesterday, Chinese officials accused the US of “playing with fire” and warned that any further provocations would have “serious consequences”. The US has yet to respond to the comments.