Violent Raids and Protests Spread in Peru: ‘We Will Be Here Until Boluarte Resigns’

Violent protests in Peru have continued to escalate, with police making a violent raid on Lima’s San Marcos University early this morning. The raid was in response to anti-government protests that have been taking place in the country for several weeks.

The protests are in response to President Boluarte’s controversial policies, which have sparked nationwide unrest. The Financial Times reported that demonstrators have been chanting “We will be here until Boluarte resigns” and that the protests have been deadly in some areas.

The raid on San Marcos University is the latest in a series of police interventions in response to the unrest. VOA News reported that police broke into the university early this morning, leading to a violent confrontation between police and protesters.

The situation in Peru remains tense, with the protests showing no signs of abating. With the police taking a hard line against protesters, the situation is likely to worsen before it gets better. For the latest news on the situation in Peru, view full coverage on USNN.