“Wall Street shaken by bank rout, but S&P 500 bounces back with less aggressive Fed bets: Live updates”

The stock market experienced a rollercoaster ride this week, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average sliding downward for five straight days. However, hope was not lost as stock futures pointed to a rise at the start of trading on Monday. The slide was attributed to a rout in the banking industry, with the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank causing further uncertainty.

Despite emergency backstops to help stabilize the market, the Dow fell yet again on Friday, leading some investors to become nervous. However, the S&P 500 turned positive after paring losses due to bets of a less aggressive Federal Reserve.

The broader market received support from a plunge in bond yields, causing some stocks to soar higher. Overall, the market experienced fluctuations, but with some promising signs, investors remain hopeful for the coming week.