WARNING: Animal Abuse Videos Lead to 30-Month Prison Sentence

LANCASTER, England – A man in Lancaster, England was sentenced to 30 months in jail for subjecting a fox to an attack by his dogs inside his garage. Dane Crawford, 30, forced his pets to carry out the attack, which was captured in sickening videos found on his phone. The RSPCA launched an investigation and managed to identify Crawford from these videos. The case has sparked outrage and shed light on the issue of animal cruelty.

The videos showed a disturbing scene in which Crawford encouraged his dogs to attack the fox and even lifted the injured animal by its tail to allow the dogs to attack it again. The images and videos discovered by the RSPCA are deeply upsetting and highlight the horrifying extent of Crawford’s inhumanity. The investigation also revealed that Crawford had allowed two of his pet dogs’ ears to be cropped illegally and had failed to seek veterinary treatment for the injuries of two lurchers following a fight.

Crawford, alongside his girlfriend Shelby Wallis, appeared in court and pleaded guilty to several offenses under the Animal Welfare Act. They were banned from keeping animals for life. According to RSPCA Inspector Will Lamping, the evidence uncovered from the phones was crucial in identifying the extent of the cruelty inflicted on the wild animals and the neglect shown towards the defendants’ own dogs.

The sentencing sends a strong message that wildlife persecution, animal cruelty, and neglect will not be tolerated. The judge, in sentencing the couple, emphasized the criminal and shocking nature of their behavior and the substantial suffering caused to the animals. The case has drawn attention to the importance of preventing animal cruelty and upholding the welfare of animals, prompting conversations on the need for stronger measures against such barbaric acts.