Warriors’ 4-Team Deal in Jeopardy After Gary Payton II Fails Physical

A four-team trade involving the Golden State Warriors, Detroit Pistons, Houston Rockets, and Charlotte Hornets was in jeopardy on Tuesday after Gary Payton II failed a physical.

The Warriors had agreed to trade Payton II to the Pistons in exchange for a package of players and draft picks from the Rockets and Hornets. However, Payton II’s physical revealed a medical issue that could potentially put the trade in jeopardy.

If the trade is finalized, the Pistons would receive the former Warrior guard, who had been averaging 7.2 points and 3.7 rebounds per game this season. The Pistons would also receive a first-round draft pick from the Rockets and a second-round pick from the Hornets.

The Pistons are hoping that Payton II will be able to live up to his talent and help the team make a push for the playoffs. If the trade goes through, the Pistons will have acquired a talented guard who could be a key piece in their championship aspirations.

The Warriors, meanwhile, would receive a package of players and draft picks from the Rockets and Hornets. The Warriors are looking to rebuild their roster and the trade could help them get the pieces they need to make a run at the championship.

The trade would likely be a win for all teams involved, but it remains to be seen if Payton II’s failed physical will put the deal in jeopardy.