Washington Takes Action as Colorado River Shrinks: Optimism for Drought Plan Deadline

As the Colorado River shrinks due to prolonged drought, officials in Washington are preparing for the consequences of the water shortage. The Colorado River, which flows through seven U.S. states and two Mexican states, is a major source of water for millions of people.

In an effort to prevent the river from running dry, water managers in the Colorado River basin have been working on a drought contingency plan. The plan would involve reducing water consumption in the basin by 14 percent, with the most significant cuts coming from California and Arizona.

However, the plan has yet to be finalized and time is running out. Colorado River water managers are optimistic that the plan will be approved before the deadline. They believe that the plan is the best way to ensure that the river continues to provide water for the millions of people who depend on it.

The plan has been met with some opposition from some of the states in the basin, but the water managers remain hopeful that the plan will be approved. If the plan is not approved, the consequences could be dire for the millions of people who rely on the Colorado River for their water.

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