Weight-Loss Medication Study Reveals Shocking 85% Quit Rate After Two Years – See Why Here!

Eagan, Minnesota – Many individuals who take GLP-1 medications for weight loss may be cutting short their potential benefits, a recent report by Prime Therapeutics based in Eagan found. The study revealed that four in five people discontinue these medications within two years, leading to concerns about regaining weight and increasing the risk of chronic diseases.

The study, conducted by Prime, a company managing pharmacy benefits for Blue Cross insurance plans across the nation, highlighted the disappointingly high dropout rate among individuals using drugs like Wegovy. Pat Gleason, an associate vice president at Prime, expressed worry over the financial and health consequences of individuals stopping these medications prematurely.

The surge in popularity of GLP-1 medications has raised costs for health insurers and employers in recent years, prompting some to reevaluate coverage options. Hennepin Healthcare, for example, ceased covering these medications for weight loss alone for its employees, while Mayo Clinic restricted lifetime GLP benefits for certain plans.

Cost concerns and restrictions do not entirely explain the high discontinuation rate, which stands at 85% after two years and 47% after just six months, according to Gleason. The study focused on 3,300 patients who initiated GLP treatments in 2021, with Blue Cross plans maintaining consistent formularies and coverage limits over the following two years.

Prime did not directly inquire why patients discontinued the medications, but Gleason speculated that side effects and challenges associated with injections likely played a role. Furthermore, shortages have emerged due to the medications’ popularity, contributing to the 26% of individuals in the study who switched GLP treatments over two years.

As researchers seek alternatives and exercise regimens to help individuals maintain weight loss post-medication, studies have shown promising results. A Danish study found that a combination of GLP injections and structured exercise could assist many patients in sustaining weight loss for at least a year after ending the medications, offering hope for long-term weight management strategies.