Wild Brawl Leads to Five Players Ejected in Magic-Timberwolves Game

An intense fight between the Orlando Magic and Minnesota Timberwolves led to the ejection of five players on Wednesday night.

The scuffle began in the third quarter when Magic guard Austin Rivers and Timberwolves center Mo Bamba got into a heated exchange. The altercation quickly escalated, with multiple players from both teams joining in the altercation.

The referees quickly intervened, ejecting Rivers, Bamba, and three other players from the game.

“It was an unfortunate incident,” said Magic coach Steve Clifford. “We can’t have that kind of behavior in the NBA. We need to set a better example for our players and our fans.”

The NBA is expected to issue fines and suspensions to the players involved in the fight.

The Magic ultimately won the game, but the altercation will likely overshadow the result.

“It’s a shame that something like this happened,” said Timberwolves coach Ryan Saunders. “We need to do a better job of controlling our emotions and respecting the game.”

This is not the first time this season that a fight between the Magic and Timberwolves has led to player ejections. In December, four players were ejected after a similar altercation.

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