“Winter Storms Wreak Havoc: Thousands Without Power and Roads Closed in Capital Region and Beyond”

Winter storms have been causing chaos across the United States, with power outages affecting hundreds of thousands of people in the Northeast and California. According to USA Today, around 400,000 people are without power as a result of the extreme weather conditions. The storm has also caused widespread road closures and travel disruption.

One of the worst affected areas has been the Northeast, which has been hit by heavy, wet snow. As Yahoo News reports, a late-winter storm has been causing havoc in the region, with many residents struggling to keep their homes warm and safe in the harsh conditions.

The storm has also led to power outages in other parts of the country, such as Knox County in Maine, where the Courier-Gazette & Camden Herald reports that the number of outages continues to rise. Many people in the Capital Region of New York have been forced to shut down their businesses and stay home due to the heavy snowfall, according to WNYT NewsChannel 13.

The storm is expected to continue for several days, with further snow and ice forecast for many areas of the country. Authorities are advising people to stay indoors where possible and to take extra care if they need to travel.