Witness History Unfold! Alexander Volkanovski and Ismail Makhachev Face-Off at UFC 284 Tonight at 10pm ET!

Tonight marks the highly anticipated main event of UFC 284, with Alexander Volkanovski taking on his challenger in the octagon. Volkanovski, the current featherweight champion, is confident in his ability to take the win. “Let him think he’s unbeatable,” he said in a press conference leading up to the fight.

The fight is one of the most anticipated matchups in UFC history, as it will be the first time Volkanovski has been challenged since taking the title. MMA Junkie’s analysis of the matchup has fans excited and eager to see the fight.

In anticipation of the main event, the UFC has been hosting a free fight marathon, featuring some of the best fights in UFC history. RotoWire’s MMA Best Bets has also released its picks, odds, and predictions for the fight, giving viewers an idea of who to root for.

Finally, the UFC has released its sixth episode of its Embedded Vlog Series, giving viewers an inside look at what both fighters have been doing in the lead up to the fight.

The fight begins tonight at 10pm ET, and fans around the world will be tuning in to see who will come out on top.