Witness the Unbelievable! Rare Snow Covers California, Hollywood Sign Dusts Up

Californians were surprised to wake up to a rare winter wonderland on Friday morning. A winter storm that swept through the state overnight left a blanket of snow and ice in its wake, transforming the landscape and causing chaos on the roads.

The snow was particularly heavy in the Bay Area, where photos of the Hollywood sign and local roads covered in white have been shared widely on social media. The storm also caused issues on the roads, trapping around 200 cars on a Bay Area highway due to ice and snow.

In the North Bay, the storm brought the first snowfall at lower elevations since 2011. Residents of all ages were awestruck by the rare sight, with many taking to the streets to enjoy the wintery scene.

Meanwhile, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that the storm brought “historic snowfall” to the Bay Area.

The storm is expected to continue into the weekend, with temperatures expected to remain low in the coming days.