Zelenskiy’s Anti-Corruption Drive Leads to Resignation of 15 Ukrainian Officials

In a major anti-corruption drive, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has forced 15 senior government officials to step down from their posts.

The resignations came after Zelenskiy accused the officials of “abusing their positions” and failing to uphold the standards of ethical conduct. The officials included the heads of state-owned companies, the head of the presidential office, and the head of the security service.

The resignations come amid a long-running conflict between Ukraine and Russia, with Zelenskiy accusing the officials of taking advantage of the situation to enrich themselves.

The resignations are part of Zelenskiy’s efforts to tackle corruption in Ukraine, which has long been seen as a major obstacle to the country’s economic and political development.

The resignations have been welcomed by civil society groups, who have praised Zelenskiy’s efforts to combat corruption.

In a statement, Zelenskiy said, “We are determined to build a better future for our country, and we will not let anyone stand in our way.”

The resignations have been widely covered by international media, with the BBC, The Guardian, The Associated Press, Reuters, and NBC News all reporting on the story.