11 Dead, 10 Injured in Monterey Park Mass Shooting; Man Who Disarmed Shooter Speaks Out

Tragedy struck the city of Monterey Park in California today as a mass shooting left 11 people dead and 10 others injured. Huu Can Tran has been identified as the gunman responsible for the attack.

The death toll has risen to 11 as one of the victims, who had been in critical condition, succumbed to their injuries. Police have yet to determine a motive behind the attack, but they are continuing to investigate.

The victims of the attack have been identified as a diverse group of people, many of whom were of Asian descent. This has led to many in the Asian American community to view the attack as an attack on them, as seen in an Op-Ed in the Los Angeles Times.

The attack was stopped by a man who disarmed the shooter, who has since spoken out about his actions. He said “something came over me” when he saw what was happening and decided to act.

The city of Monterey Park is in shock, and many are still trying to comprehend the events that took place. For more information on the mass shooting, view full coverage on USNN.