11 Killed in Ukraine After Russian Missile Barrage Following Tank Pledge

Eleven people were killed in Ukraine after a barrage of Russian missiles were fired in the region following a pledge from the West to provide tanks.

The Moscow Times reported that the missiles were fired in the eastern region of Ukraine near the Russian border, killing 11 people. The Wall Street Journal reported that the attack was a response to the West’s promise to provide tanks to the Ukrainian military.

The attack has raised questions about the current state of Russia’s military arsenal. According to DW News, Russia has a large and powerful military arsenal, with a large number of tanks and missiles.

The BBC reported that the missile attack came just one day after the West offered to provide tanks to Ukraine. NBC News also reported that Ukrainian citizens were forced to take shelter in metro stations as the missiles targeted Kyiv.

The attack has sparked international outrage, with many countries condemning Russia’s actions.