“Aftermath of Tyre Nichols’ Violent Arrest: How Police Reform Failed to Protect Him”

The death of Tyre Nichols, an African American man, has sparked outrage and calls for police reform after bodycam footage of his violent arrest was released by the Memphis Police Department.

The video shows officers using excessive force while arresting Nichols, which ultimately led to his death. In response, the Memphis Police Department has disbanded the unit responsible for the incident.

The incident has been met with outrage from the public, as well as law enforcement groups. Many are “infuriated” by the alleged assault that took place during the traffic stop.

In response to the incident, some are calling for police reform, but others argue that it is not enough. An opinion piece from CNN argues that police reform “utterly failed” to protect Nichols, and questions why the officers responsible for his death have not been held accountable.

The video of Nichols’ death has been widely circulated online, however, many are urging people not to watch it, as it is graphic and disturbing.