Amazon Removes Cashierless Just Walk Out System from Grocery Stores – What’s Next for the Future of Checkout?

Seattle, Washington – Inc. is making significant changes to its cashierless Just Walk Out system in grocery stores, marking a shift in their technological approach to enhancing the shopping experience for customers. The decision to remove the system comes as Amazon transitions existing Fresh grocery stores and looks to open new locations in the coming months without featuring this technology.

The move is part of a broader strategy led by Tony Hoggett, Amazon’s senior vice president of grocery stores, who recently joined the company in 2022. Hoggett has initiated a comprehensive overhaul of Amazon’s grocery business, aiming to increase market share in a highly competitive industry dominated by major retailers like Walmart Inc. and Kroger Co.

Instead of the Just Walk Out system, Amazon is now focusing on the Dash Cart technology, which allows shoppers to scan items as they shop. The company has simplified the technology by removing some cameras initially used to identify items grabbed by shoppers. Newer versions of the Dash Cart require customers to hold items in front of scanners or utilize touchscreens to ring up merchandise without barcodes.

Despite the initial excitement surrounding the Just Walk Out technology and its implementation in Amazon Go stores, Fresh Stores, and selected Whole Foods Market locations, the system faced criticism from some customers. Issues such as entry gates and delayed digital receipts created a perception of a high-tech vending machine experience rather than a traditional grocery store visit.

Furthermore, Amazon is not completely abandoning the Just Walk Out system. It will still be utilized in Amazon Go stores, and the company plans to license the technology to other retailers. The system will continue to operate in smaller stores in the UK.

In conclusion, Amazon’s decision to discontinue the Just Walk Out system in grocery stores is a strategic move in revamping its approach to enhancing the shopping experience for customers. By focusing on the Dash Cart technology and streamlining the checkout process, Amazon aims to address customer concerns and improve overall satisfaction in its grocery stores.