AWOL soldier arrested ringing TikTok star’s doorbell late at night after stalking her

BUNNELL, FL – A 30-year-old man has been taken into custody by the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office for allegedly pursuing a TikTok influencer across the country and appearing at her residence without invitation, an act that has led to charges of aggravated stalking.

The Californian social media personality, who maintained anonymity in official documents, had alerted local authorities at approximately 10:40 p.m. on the night in question, expressing concern as the man repeatedly rang her doorbell. A responding deputy soon encountered the suspect, Ky Van Cai, descending the steps of the porch at the woman’s Florida home.

Cai, who reportedly sought to introduce himself to the woman, refrained from explaining his presence beyond claiming a “personal” relationship with her. He revealed to the deputy a background in the military, having discovered the victim’s account, which boasts 1.5 million followers, while serving in the Army. According to the arrest affidavit, Cai described having “visions” about the TikTok star, perceiving them as soulmates, which led him to abandon his military post and ultimately be discharged.

Furthermore, Cai insisted he experienced metaphysical connections directing him to the victim’s locale and believed her social media content was personally tailored to him. The affidavit indicated that Cai was familiar with the woman’s full name, despite her usage of only her first name online. Records indicate that Cai, originally from Seattle and formerly stationed in North Carolina, lacked any apparent connection to California or Florida.

The influencer conveyed to authorities that she had been haunted by Cai’s unsettling attention since January. Cai seemed to shadow her movements, even replicating a photo shoot location in Laguna Beach, California, shortly after she had posted images from there. Another striking incident occurred on May 5 when, hours after she visited a local beach in Palm Coast within proximal distance of her residence, Cai emerged at the very same location.

An encounter the day following prompted her family to summon law enforcement, although Cai evaded detection at that time. The victim, clearly distressed and fearing for her well-being, provided her statement to the deputies.

Following his apprehension, Cai was booked into Flagler County Jail, with bond set at $1,000. He has reportedly posted bond and is expected to face legal proceedings on June 17. The incident underscores alarming concerns regarding online privacy and the safety of individuals whose presence is prominent on social media platforms.