Bengals Aim to Prove Themselves After Bills Loss: Diggs Frustrated, Burrow Takes a Shot, and More

The Buffalo Bills faced off against the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC playoffs on Sunday, and the game ended in disappointment for the Bills. After the Bills’ loss, wide receiver Stefon Diggs voiced his frustration, asking, “Want me to be okay with losing?”

The defeat is a step back for the Bills, who felt like they were going backward after the playoff loss to the Bengals. The Bills’ quarterback, Josh Allen, and Diggs were seen arguing on the sideline as the game ended, and Diggs reportedly left the locker room early after the loss.

The Bengals, on the other hand, enter the AFC title game with a chip on their shoulder. Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow took a shot at the NFL with an Instagram post, saying, “I don’t think we got respect.”

The Bills and Bengals have been rivals since the Bengals entered the AFC in 1968, and this latest game has only added fuel to the fire. Both teams have a lot to prove as they head into the AFC title game.