Biden, McCarthy, and House GOP Face Off Over Debt Ceiling Demands

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and other House Republicans are set to meet with President Joe Biden on Wednesday to discuss the debt ceiling.

The debt ceiling has been a source of contention between the two parties for years, and Biden has been steadfast in his refusal to negotiate on the matter. This is largely due to the “lesson of 2011,” when the debt ceiling was used as a bargaining chip to force through major spending cuts.

McCarthy and Biden are set to discuss the debt limit and other fiscal issues during their meeting on Wednesday. The discussion comes as 24 Republican senators have warned they will oppose any increase in the debt limit without fiscal reforms.

The meeting between McCarthy and Biden is the latest in a series of talks between the two parties as Congress attempts to pass a budget and other fiscal measures.

The discussion over the debt ceiling and other fiscal issues is likely to be a major topic of conversation between the two parties in the coming weeks. With the Biden Administration and Congress at odds over the issue, the future of the debt ceiling remains uncertain.

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