Breaking: Former Vice President Mike Pence Subpoenaed by Special Counsel Investigating Trump

Former Vice President Mike Pence was issued a subpoena by the special counsel leading the investigation into the Jan. 6 Capitol riots, according to reports from The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, NBC News, and other outlets.

The subpoena, which was issued in late January, was confirmed by sources close to Pence. It is believed to be related to the investigation into the possible involvement of former President Donald Trump and his associates in the riots.

The subpoena is the latest development in the ongoing investigation, which has already seen several high-profile arrests and indictments.

In addition to the subpoena, the FBI has reportedly conducted a search of Pence’s home for classified documents related to the investigation. This search was confirmed by Marc Short, a former aide to Pence, who said it was “likely not too far off.”

The special counsel’s investigation is ongoing, and it is unclear what other developments may come from it. However, the subpoena of Pence is a significant development that could shed more light on the events leading up to the Capitol riots.